At Chantry Community Academy, we aim to develop confident and able writers. We work with the Power of Reading programme to deliver high quality literacy lessons that help our children to develop their skills in writing over all the genres covered in the National Curriculum. Across the school, each year group focuses their literacy lessons around a text linked to other subject areas. By studying and exploring the text in a variety of exciting and creative ways, the children learn the how different genres are created and use these skills to develop extended pieces of independent work; often across a range of curriculum subjects. The children are then taught (from year 1) to read, edit and improve their writing, learning to identify errors and areas where their sentences could be improved. As well as learning to develop the skills needed for writing extended pieces, our strive for excellence drives our high expectations of presentation, with children taught to write cursively aiming to earn a pen license.

Whilst exploring texts in detail and learning about different genres, the children are taught the grammar, punctuation and spelling expectations that are required for their year group. Our children are taught these skills in a variety of ways that allow the children to explore and apply grammar rule in their writing. For every piece of extended writing the children complete, they are taught the specific punctuation and grammar skills that are then applied to work they are completing. With spelling, alongside their weekly homework, the children are provided exclusive spelling lessons to help them to learn the spelling rules that are required to be learnt by the end of KS2.

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