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Early reading is taught through the Letters and Sounds programme. This is a phonics resource published by the Department for Education and Skills which consists of six phases.

To encourage children’s reading and writing skills, we work with the Power of Reading programme, helping to deliver high quality literacy lessons that encourages children to develop skills in reading and writing over all the genres covered in the National Curriculum.

We teach Maths by following the DFE approved framework through the use of ‘Active Learn – Power Maths”. This is a maths mastery scheme that is aimed at ensuring all children develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. In line with recommendations from the NCETM, and with support from the local maths Hub, we follow a Mastery approach to the teaching and learning of maths.

The rest of the curriculum is expertly designed using Learning Journeys to develop themes of study, linking subject ideas and is based around our values – respect, excellence, collaboration, independence, perseverance and enjoyment.

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Autumn Term – What was life like for early humankind?
Spring Term – What can robots do for us? 
Summer Term – How has life changed at the Riverside?